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you often have multiple systems like petroleum boiler, sour gas boiler, some farms and critter ranches etc. all over the map with huge gaps between them. From time to time you need to look after your systems if everything goes right. Then you have to scroll over the whole map, find the system, watch it, find the next one, watch it, scroll back where you are currently building something and so on...

What I want is a "shortcut" feature. You can add strings to a list on the screen (I think left below the warning messages would be a good place). This saves the current location where you are on the map. If you click on the string e.g. "Slickster Farm 1", "Oil Well 1", "Oil Well 2", "Temp Current Construction", it teleports you to the saved location on the map, like if you double-click on a dupe in the vitals-list. This lets you fast switch between your systems. Additionally there could be an entry "Last Location" which takes you to the location where the WASD-keys have been pressed the last time.



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