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Suggestion about buffing Warly's seasoning salt.

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Currently Warly's all three seasonings provide their unique buffs - Higher working efficiency, Damage boost and Armor boost. Those buffs are unique ability of Warly, there's almost no item to grant those efficiency, damage, armor boosts. But What about seasoning salt - It requires "Salt crystals" to make - resource that is hard to mass-produce and bothersome to obtain. But the buff seasoning salt provides - is just more health boost. Which makes using seasoning salt to dishes other than healing foods. Moreover those health boost does not attractive because most of ingredients for healing foods are easier to obtain than salt crystals. You just need to make more healing dishes rather than using seasoning salt to those foods. So I suggest here...

What if seasoning salt makes food spoilage slower? Just imagine... This little touch will make so many crock pot dishes spoil fast less bundling-wrap dependent, while provides strong motivation and reason to collect salt crystals.

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On 12/7/2020 at 6:28 AM, stranger again said:

by how much is the question

Not sure, but if I can decide it, it'll be "makes food lasts 50% longer" or something like that. Or the food will last "certain fixed days" longer to buff foods that spoil fast.

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