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how to reveal maps/starmaps/ large map

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By the way, when you reveal everything by enabling the debug toolset, all tiles in all maps will join the simulation from then on. That means critters may die and heat will spread and the entire game will run much slower. I recommended finding the seed you want using this, then regenerating once more with the same seed before starting.

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yup, i'd imagine they will fine tune the map gen some more, making all previous iterations pointless, but it's okay..

now I just am curious about what the map generator can do, what is possible.

Or like it did with my re-gen'd seed. It is a mess in some algo computations in placement. It's throwing material beyond the bounds of the initial biome area, ice getting pushed right, and caustic material falling in on the left. Something is not quite correct in the computations.


this poorly defined border highlights the subtler underlying issues.

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There have been fuzzy borders and POIs mixing biomes for a long time - I feel they are part of the game - but that does seem to be a little more strange than usual. With changes coming to the seed gen so soon, let's worry more about the next iteration of it when early access is released. (Even that map would be perfectly playable.)

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it is, my ocd is just crying inside. :)


Now this is a beautiful terra map, under the new rules. For what you get out of seed gen, atm

I hope they will consider not allowing anything to infringe on the magma rings, the bottom border should be exclusively intact.

Poi should not be able to spawn with-in the width of the abyss border. Only above it.

I would posit that the layering is also out of context, from the bottom magma, oil, Salt/Caustic, Terra, then the Nosh bean biome area along the top. Seems a more reasonable logical progression.

Compared to the mess of a map I am giving up, my terra map is just a loss, imho. The amount of algae on my starter map is terrible. Caustics are still over-weighted for ig rock.


My old terra rock is terrible compared to the one above.

Also not letting poi spawning below the Abyss border to break-thru from the bottom.




missing string

critters having easy access to space


one pacu spawned in the entire start biome, the major spawn point failed, and it didn't try again? Very few spots on the initial seed that the large group could form in. Having it try more than once to place things might have some use.



Feeling okay about this one, has a decent layout, and the next rock is also decent. Quite a few bog plants. Just hope more pacu land this time.

So, to undo the debug thing, just drag it out?

Think I will work with a new one some, the sucrose update and all....

But my map seems to have RNG'd the top 1/3 of the mass away, just gave up. added and extra deep hex of surface matter, in the top left. And it seems an entire hex line of biome mass across the top is simply not there.


Magma seeping in from the biome below into the granite strata... a few large pools.


What?! :)


This for me is actually a nice map. The incredibly insane generation notwithstanding. I really like that it's majority wasteland, and the tundra biomes are quite tidy.they all have major breaches, for the most part. But doable.

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