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Spaced out - skill tree bug.

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Good day! I have found a bug. After you send first dupe through teleporter to new planet everything is fine (skill tree is divided), but i think after sending multiple ones the skill tree bugs out and the order of dupe skills becomes unreadable (by planetoid).("bugsinskills.png")

P.S not completely sure that this happend while teleporting, but it happends.

In skills overlay after that bug accus dupe face layer goes on top of skills layer ("skillsoveflow.png")


skills overflow.PNG

Also when you lack skill to operate one thing in lets say PLANET 2. You send a dupe from PLANET 1 to PLANET2 and then he start to operate/build with his skills BUT the PLANET2 still thinks that there is no dupes that can do that thus showing it as "lack of skills" warning (tho it is being build by the teleported dupe).

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