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Seed Pack-It Recipe Tweak

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I'm not sure if the bag being burnable is intended. But if so, my suggestion will start from it.

Would it be okay to change the recipe from [ 2 broken shells, 4 grass, 2 seeds ] into [ 2 broken shells, 1 salt crystal, 1 pig skin ]

  • Salt is so that it would make sense that it slows down the spoilage of the seeds inside (some people may say seed's spoilage in general is high already)
  • Pig skin is because so that it won't be burnable just like the Piggyback.

Those are the closest recipe I could come up with that will go with my 2 concerns for it, same as it wouldn't be as hard recipe just like the current one.


Thank you!

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My main problem is seed rotting, you cant just stop farming crops and go do something else if you are playing alone or with few players.

Many plants come in-season after 2 or 3 seasons :

Asparagus, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Pepper  : 35 days

Durian : 20 +15 + 20 = 55 days

For best case scenario that is 20 + 15 = 35 days assuming you get the seeds on last day of the season.You have 5 days to plant them, as seeds spoil in 40.

So most viable way currently is to have 2 full fridges with seed or plant them for purpose of keeping the seeds fresh. That I think is just unnecessary micro management. Whats the purpose of seed pack it if you are going to put them in fridge anyways ?

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