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  1. I think they're gonna update the Klei Rewards with the new year, I'm so mad I only watched enough for the Portrait and not the Arcane Crystalarium though
  2. I feel the issue is the broken shells, not the 4 grass and 2 seeds There has to be either no spoilage time for the Seed Pack-It, or a longer spoilage time than it is now, cause no one would farm broken shells for a backpack reskin
  3. I'm sad I only got the Portrait for the last one, I thought there was still time Will I be able to craft it with Klei points next year or something?
  4. Newest one, 1000 POINTS, thanks Klei babes.
  5. Very good! But I think you've overdone it with the Hangry Meter. It should still deplete the meter although by a shorter percentage, or any other change of this nature should be implemented. I'm starting to see everyone winning real often and claiming it's easy. A friend had (about 5) minutes on the timer. I fear the fun and challenge in being pressured by the timer will go completely null. Really liking the event though. E: As I feared this is now way too easy. The timer means nothing, I just had a 45 min match and you could probably stall for way longer if you wanted.
  6. Hey man, we're friends on Facebook, but I rarely check these forums so I only now recognized it's you bumping threads. Unless I already knew and forgot about it... Anyways, hey.

    1. minespatch


      Heyo bud. You can pm me on facebook which account you use.

  7. Cheers @Cheerio, can we get some official words on the unicode characters issue? Will they be implemented or is it just not possible? Should we make the translations without those characters?
  8. Depends, you can join a team that shares and edits it on GitHub or something or use this file that was uploaded here and start a translation yourself. What's your language?
  9. Can I suggest you work with xlzlch if you aren't already and it's Simplified Chinese you're working on?
  10. Thanks for clearing it up, I thought so but I didn't want to start translating with those doubts! If anyone wants to help with the Italian translation, EDIT HERE (GitHub) or let me know. Italian translation at 10%
  11. But does this mean there will be English words in a translated line? If that was the case, it would create some problems, such as word order. e.g from the Italian translation I'm working on: (Line 59)