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Compost could use some finer controls

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I've noticed this before, but now with the Sublimation Station around it seems a bit more relevant - Compost needs some finer controls.

At times I want to use Compost only to compost seeds into polluted dirt / rot pile - for example when farming Pokeshells. Unfortunately, Compost either composts everything, or nothing, so I can't tell it to only turn thing into polluted dirt and nothing else. It would be nice to be able to toggle what is being made - whether we want polluted dirt to dirt, rot pile to whatever, whether we only want to compost things and so on.

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e-Compost idea:

I miss very much that we still can not produce mainboards, ram & cpus in the game...Also I would like to have some e-compost heap, so that these things can be properly desintegrated ( takes 200 cycles to dissolve e-composted electronics ).

The e-compost,for colony electronic trash, could produce "LithiumSilverGoldenbrownAcidSolution" which can be used to wipe deco items, it makes them more shiny and results in increased deco value + it kills germs.

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