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(Beta) Wormwood Suggestions

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Since wormwood has lost a bit of his perk with the ability to free plant here are a few suggestions I think would work with the new crop mechanics.

1) Allow Wormwood to auto-research while tending to plants; even if it only like a 1/3 chance. (and give him the ability to access the research page without wearing the needed equipment)

2) Give wormwood a slight aoe to his ability to talk to plants, Even if it's in a small area this would help him out a lot.

3) Give wormwood a easy to craft Musical instrument. Maybe use a living log for a didgeridoo.

4) give wormwood a small sanity boost while standing next to "happy" plants

5) Give Ground-planted plants a free round of fertilizer and care; since you can't give them fertilizer. It wouldn't be enough to get giant plants out of anything but would help getting seeds early game.

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