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  1. Since wormwood has lost a bit of his perk with the ability to free plant here are a few suggestions I think would work with the new crop mechanics. 1) Allow Wormwood to auto-research while tending to plants; even if it only like a 1/3 chance. (and give him the ability to access the research page without wearing the needed equipment) 2) Give wormwood a slight aoe to his ability to talk to plants, Even if it's in a small area this would help him out a lot. 3) Give wormwood a easy to craft Musical instrument. Maybe use a living log for a didgeridoo. 4) give wormwood a small sanity boost while standing next to "happy" plants 5) Give Ground-planted plants a free round of fertilizer and care; since you can't give them fertilizer. It wouldn't be enough to get giant plants out of anything but would help getting seeds early game.
  2. just as the title says, while using a controller it's not possible to place fertilizers of any kind on any tilled soil or plant.
  3. So far these are some of my suggestions for the current beta. 1) The ability to view the plant registry without wearing a the research helmet. If someone has already done the research they shouldn't have to keep wearing the hat to look at it. 2) Add a Auto watering system, like the flingomatic? (assuming the flingomatic won't already do this) it wouldn't freeze things, but just water/soak things that are hit. 3) With the current nerf to wickerbtoom's book, we should be able to better aim the spellbook, I don't mind the limited plants, however the cost of the book is too high now. 4) Wormwood can't use fertilizers on crops? might be a bug, But I couldn't get them to work without him consuming them for himself. 5) the ability to sort plants by season in the registry. 6) Can we have the added ability to plant berry bushes and ect on the soil for added benifits as well?
  4. Noticed while using Willows lighter and moving in and out of buildings, or just between rooms in the ruins their lighter is constantly going out. Need to requip it to reactivate.