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Could you help me with valve problem?

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I'm pretty new to ONI, I tried today make storage for chlorine gas pockets (small starting zone, lots of Cl gas pockets). And after a while, pump stopped
working - "Output pipe is blocked". I can't figure out why it is blocked. Canisters are set to 0-100%, all is connected with logic cable, electricity is not a problem (420W with 2 Coal generators on smart batery 60-90), output pressure above pump is around 450g. On the output is gas valve on 0% and ventile after valve.
All valves are in paralel setting, And somehow canisters aren't filling.

Could you help me? I can't figure what is wrong.

Thanks :-)



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Also the reservoirs take up a lot of space and you have to build pipes later to get he chlorine out of them.  I just pump it straight into a gas bottler.  The bottles can just sit there until I decide where to have dupes deliver and empty them.

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