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Botanical creature concept

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- plumpkin 

Even wild crops can become more wild then they are now plumpkins are a good example of the dangers of a mis-cared harvest. when a pumpkin becomes the living counterpart known as plumpkins they'll begin their minor mischief by consuming manure, rot or anything that fertilize, during their time they'll begin to consume more then fertilizer and begin to eat crops and even their own kind to the point where they evolve into something more troublesome then some weeds and fruit flies.

- gluttonous gourd 

One of the Manny forms a plumpkin can evolve into, a gluttonous gourd is a brutish and larger and it will not stop consuming until it's satisfied. When a gluttonous gourd dies it'll drop all of the things it has consumed even the animals that's if the players kills the gourd before the creatures inevitable digestion.

- scared squash 

More frail and skinnier then the gourd, the scared squash desperate for food (despite it having plenty to eat to get to this miserable form) and it will steal things to eat while running in fear of the players. At some point the scared squash will fatten up which will make him a bit slow but he will have more health and will have the courage to fight back when threatened however at some point the squash will go skinny and desperate again.

- weed wacker 

A weed that whacks back against the weed whacking foe, the weed wackers are a common and minor threat however Dont let them grow be case they can expand  in numbers in a short amount of days. Although being a stationary threat the weed wackers can expand their vines generally blocking the players from accessing their grown food.

- "egg" plant  (which came first the egg or the plant)

These "egg" plants have a strange hatred to the players and will only fight if they expand, the "egg" plants speciality is birthing more of its own kind to the point were you started off with 1 and now there's 20 of them (Grant that you give the first one the chance to birth which is not likely). But have no fear for these creatures are small and only deal 1 damage however they do altogether target one player at a time.

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