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Personal opinion on the alpha setting

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Swamp biome and start map:

If you have the two geysers (cold slush and cold brine), it works fine. With just one or none you do not get very far. Oxygen is maybe too easy, but it is not really hard in any other starting biome either. The new plants and critters work. Sucrose needs a better source and it needs to be renewable. Maybe a plant or refinement machine. Or a critter that eats something that is renewable. Anyways, the whole thing is different enough to make for a nice new experience and it basically works as it is.

New rocketry and space:

Too limited at the moment. I am well aware this is going to change. The base mechanisms work and the new rockets are easy enough to handle, even if Meep had to pilot knee-deep in p-water ;-). But the target asteroids are not sustainable and hence there is little motivation to use them. The oily one may still work to some degree as you can ship in water, but the other one I found (radioactive), will either have to be supplied via rocket or will have to be evacuated again after a while. The base game has some assured geysers/vents per map and you can run a sustainable colony even if you only have a salt-water geyser (did that once on Oasisse). I assume the idea is that a full final colony will have a permanent settlement on each celestial body and I assume that it can be made to run fully by itself. At the moment a lot is missing to get there though. 

Overall I think the alpha is suitable to show off some of the new mechanisms and while there are numerous bugs, I have not found any that were more than an annoyance. But I basically stopped playing after I had the base planetoid long-term sustainable. I did take a brief look at space, but what I found did not really motivate me to invest much time. As I said, I am aware this is an alpha and a lot is missing. So this is not a criticism, just feedback.

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