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biome-temp abyssalite

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In the base game, the temperature of the abyssalite tiles facing a biome spawn at the same temperature as that biome:


In the DLC alpha, abyssalite spawns with whole wall segments at homogeneous temperature


This renders the entire planetoid unstable. Unless the two adjacent biomes have similar starting temperature, one of them is going to have a wall of abyssalite that is too hot/cold, slowly poisoning the biome. Since the heat capacity of abyssalite is so high it can be enough to significantly alter the environment; it only takes a few degrees difference to stifle plants, or melt polluted ice. Instead of protecting biomes, abyssalite walls now ensure they're "doom!"

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Even the base game generally has some issues with that in a few spots in the oil biome where the oil flashes to petroleum or sour gas. I had hoped that would be fixed instead of getting worse.

I don't really understand why the thermal conductivity isn't literally zero instead of a very, very small value. If there were no heat transfer this wouldn't be an issue

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