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Thoughts on the Fire Pump

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Fire pump was an item added to a recent RoT update in the past couple months. Not much has been said about it. I'm just thinking about it cuz it's been pretty inefficient in my experience for several reasons.

The idea was to use it to the douse fires on your boat. However, if your boat is moving because the sails are up, or you're paddling, etc... then the liquid projectiles completely miss the fire because they are so slow that they don't keep up with your boat, and the AoE isn't big enough to reach enough of the fire. (really, make a boat with a mast and a fire hose, it's actually really funny how the fire hose misses every single fire on the boat if it's moving.) It's slower than a flingomatic in a situation where you really need it to be faster than a flingomatic... Not only that, but you have to constantly be at it for it to work - you need to pump it, when you could be doing other hazard prevention tasks like lifting the sail, dropping anchor, steering off a collision course... Another reason it's no good is that it's made of WOOD. The thing itself burns!!! Since it burns, you literally have to stand on top of fire to use it... to hose itself off... Why cant it be made of cutstone or marble so it doesn't have to douse itself off??? LASTLY, There are simply better options. God forbid you have to put a flingomatic on your boat... but hey, it works better. But I wouldn't even put a flingomatic on your boat, you're better off saving the boat space with waterballoons (waaay easier to get than fire hose) or with the luxury fan (very underrated for saving boat.)

So, there's my thoughts on a very interesting item that was recently added, but the implementation has been pretty lackluster imo, and could use some work.

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