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Flaws of DST - LORE

Answer please:  

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  1. 1. The story was GREAT till the moon. (Lore is not In-Game Content)

    • I agree. The story was much more exciting
    • No. The story before moon was worse
    • The story is AWESOME all the time. (before and after)

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Hi Klei and fellow Don't Starve Togethers!
  In this topic I want to show you the Flaws of DST lore and story.


The Flaws:

I want to say I love the story till the first update with the moon. If you are familiar with the timeline you know we were fighting the beasts of hell in the Gateway and suddenly we were back at constant and the most interesting thing was moon. I hate this. I would say all of the story is fine till gateway story was forgotten.

1.  Klei hasnť showed us what happened in gareway and we are suddenly in a different story. The only concept of this new story is - There is moon and things are happening because of the moon. Really nothing else is there. This is 2 years of Lore in a nutshell. This story is only about "moon is happening - watch it!" 

  Thats no story so far and a flaw.

  2. Now why did the Gateway trip ended? Because it run on Klei servers and did not really payed off so they have shut it down. Thats why the story in gateway ended.

But Klei could try and make the game for Local Hosting regardless its more vulnerable against hackers. And thats a flaw.

3. And a thing I want to mention are puzzles. The last one was the with Ancients and the Metheus. These kind of things is so funny and enjoyable. I really love puzzles so I'm patiently waiting for the next one... dear Klei. I hope it will come

! Year ago or so Klei started making small videos about characters and thats nice. Not so lore heavy but nice.


My Solutions:

  Now how could we make the embarassing skip of the Gateway look better? This is what I would do to make lore more exciting:

My suggestion: "This is how Klei could explain the story (chronologicaly):

1. Charlie sees she has limited powers because of a failsafe Maxwell (or someone) created. The failsafe is located somewhere on the moon and is guarded by the moon shadows. 

2. Charlie want survivers go to gateway (because she is nightmare and cannot do things survivers do). She opens the Atrium. Now Survivers can go through gateway.

3. Survivers are somekind wining at all places - Forge - Gorge - and at the 3th or 4th place - "Scourge" could be the name - they would arrive at gateway on the moon.

4. Survivers are successful (in whatever they used to do) and a piece of moon starts falling. But because charlie needs them they are teleported into the Ancient Library in caves (thats why there are the circles on ground).

5. Charlie creates accessable way out of the ancient library when the piece of moon falls.

6. Survivers run out from library and Charlie give them technology to swim the seas in order to get the mysterious energy she wants (for some reason... Maybe it is the failsafe -> story"

This is a showcase of a logical story. I mean its not perfect but in a good story moons are not falling because developers needs to make sea swimmable.


Now thank you for reading this. There is more and more developer flaws like there is no Story explanation for begginers by Klei and new players dont know what is happening. But I got frustrated by moon the most..

Be well.

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7 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Can we have a "The story before the moon is awesome and so is the current story with the moon" option.

But man. The moon is not really a storyline. Its just - There is moon and thats why things happen. If you like the updates and content then thats another thing. Do not think Lore means Content.

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