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New to Modding, Need Help on Custom Character

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I'm new to the modding community, and have recently started making a character mod. I've got the very, very basics down (Character art (Minus Portrait)), Stats, and the more basic perks, but I'm in a bit of a pinch moving forward. I'm reading up on LUA to help with the programming aspect, but I've decided to turn here first since Y'all likely know alot more than I will. I'm using the Extended Sample Character, and I have redone all of the basic art (I still have to do the portaits and menu icons), but when I try to load into the game I only get the sample character. Here's a screenshot from Spriter to show I've done all the art, and then a screenshot in game.

unknown.png   unknown.png?width=432&height=677

See the issue I'm having?

The next set of issues could probably be resolved by studying up on LUA, but I'll post them here anyways. My plans for this character is to make her a utility focused character like Winona. One of her main perks is going to be a unique crafting tab, where she can craft:

  • Wynter's Guitar: Five uses, restores ten sanity per use. Can be used in conjunction with amps to apply buffs to nearby players. (Starts with one)
  • Guitar Case: Small Backpack, hold four items. (Starts with one)
  • Fancy Guitar Case: Regular Backpack, but fireproof/Piggyback without the movement penalty (Haven't decided).
  • Various Amps: Structures (Ala Winona Catapults) that apply buffs when Wynter plays her guitar near them. Can be moved like statues?

For the guitar cases I know I can just rework the backpack code, but I'm not sure where to find them. As for Wynters Guitar/Amps, I think Widfrigs songs would be a good place to start but I'm not sure where to look/even start so advice wouild be much appreciated. The last issue I'm having is her final perk - "Not a fan of meat" where she can eat meat, but loses sanity for doing so. I haven't decided if I'm going to apply a blanket value or have it be unique per food item, but I don't know how I would go about changing the values for her specifically.

(Also, smaller issue thats not much of an issue, but is there a good site/method for making character voice sounds? Clearly wanna use a muted steel guitar for her voice)

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14 minutes ago, Hiru315 said:

You need to compile the file scml to zip. By opening DST on Window. (are you using Mac?)

I can't help with LUA lol but I think this might be useful: 


I am on windows, and the autocompiler runs every time you launch DST if you've got the mod tools installed right? I've even gone into the [charactername].zip folder where all the old sprite parts were and manually replaced them with the new one, but that didn't change anything.

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8 hours ago, Yakuzashi said:


Wynter.rar 4.86 MB · 0 downloads

You had a small problem with .scml. Remember not to change images' dimensions, format (?) (png I mean), and placement inside .scml file (Spriter).

That's where you can find all the luas for your items.


Thank you so much! I had changed to location of the head since it was a little off center, but I assume I can just do that by moving it over in the image file. I do have one question though - is it not possible to change to order of objects in spriter at all? I made the bottom of her jeans cuffed would like them to go over her boots, but as the order stands the legs actually sit behind the feet in the model like so. Is there anyway to fix that aside from going in and changing the image files a little at a time until it looks right?


One more small issue - why is she so tiny


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I don't know much about Spriter, but


Remember not to change images' dimensions, format (?) (png I mean), and placement inside .scml file (Spriter).

is the reason of that bug that doesn't compile anim.zip from .scml. It was just short answer, based on pretty huge amount of topics with this problem.

I am not artist myself, so I haven't needed to explore Spriter further.

If I remember correctly PanAzej replied in similar thread. Check out his profile, I think it was during last month or so.



One more small issue - why is she so tiny

Paste this

inst.Transform:SetScale(1.5, 1.5, 1.5)

inside common_postinit (wynter.lua)

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