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  1. I've been making character mods before Klei grand updated the game twice. It seems like my mods files are outdate. So what should i do as mods creator everytime the game updates? (sr if this has been asked.)
  2. moving parts around in Spriter and saving it isn't gonna working in the game. My way is Don't detach the hair part from the head. Just make it all in one into the Headbase. And for the ghost, I'm finding way to make mine too. I think if we could compline the anim file of ghost Wilson or weremoose by Ktool and uses that file for our character's ghost itll work. But my laptop can't use Ktool though.
  3. Oh right. I wonder if the code "player.components.talker:Say("")" is correct in dst. Since it doesn't appear in the game but only lines that from speech file.
  4. So I gave the follower component petleash. also set the inst.persists. But it still hasn't worked when loading the game again yet. Also do you know what code to just vanish these followers completely when OnLoad. That's my final way if other ways aren't possible lol. Is it "inst.ShouldLeaveWorld = data.ShouldLeaveWorld" ?
  5. Your head is too small. It's don't starve style lol. Big head with small body. Change the head size in the png file (not resize the picture). And compiles the anim again.
  6. Here's my whole custom character I planned to change the state "Death" in the stategraphs file so followers will restore my character's maxHealth back but can't. Now I think vanish them completely from the game when loading the game again is easiest if it's possible. SOLAR.zip
  7. ohhh yeh i was reading the tutorial for DS ;;; Do anyone know what's the code in DST? edit: I found da wae. Thank yall.
  8. You need to compile the file scml to zip. By opening DST on Window. (are you using Mac?) I can't help with LUA lol but I think this might be useful:
  9. I followed this tutorial to make Hambat edible for my character. It worked fine yesterday but somehow not today. The game keeps crashing with "attempt to index a nil value" Here's the client log:
  10. So I'm creating a custom character that summon followers like Maxwell. But when I open the save file again in game (onLoad). They'll stop following my character. And I need to kill them to get the penalty sanity back. But that'll crash the game. I thought of some options to fix that but don't know which one is possible and how to: 1_ Makes followers follow the summoning items like Chester or Gloomer. Set the character holding item as owner/leader. 2_ Vanish the followers completely when loading the game. Set max Sanity of the character back to full. If you know any of these options please help
  11. Is there a way to set limit of followers? Since it's unbalance when player could heal sanity/hunger/health then massive summoning them-
  12. When I resume the world again. Followers stop following me. -When they die the game crashes with "leader" nil value.
  13. It's still template from Yakuzashi lol Btw how about the code to get back the maxHealth if they die?