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this idea isn't that creative, but like the title says...

The colony is falling apart. Oxygen levels are plummeting, stress levels are rising, and it is clear that soon the colony will come crashing down. And at first glance, you might think you know what the problem is: the colony has too many duplicants. All 35 have been printed. But it is actually the opposite of that. All of the duplicants are too busy doing other things that don't help the colony as much, things that they take more pleasure out of, and there's not enough to constantly run on the manual generators and dig up algae.

However, a unique group of dupes have detected a planet containing life similar to their own: Earth. They came up with the idea to fly to Earth, disguise as the life there known as humans, enslave a few of them, and bring them back to the asteroid to work.

But the humans are more intelligent than the duplicants think. In fact, their intelligence levels are higher than the dupes'. They can easily see through most disguises, meaning that the dupes will have to go to great lengths to prove themselves as human. And obviously, the dupes will have to find enough food and a place to live as well. Will the duplicants survive and successfully establish humans into their colony to fix oxygen levels? Or will they fail and all die on a place that isn't even their home asteroid? Or perhaps, the plan will take a completely different direction?


Both canon dupes and OC's are allowed. You can either use an OC you have already created or you can make up a new one.You can use up to two characters.

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9 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

I think for the sign ups, Victor should be my main. But I'm not too sure this idea speaks to me. If they found a habitable planet, wouldn't they rather live there?

actually... they probably would. i’ve just been watching too much Invader Zim XD

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