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Crabby Hermit now can sell lifeguards floats.

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In Shipwrecked we have the Life Jacket, but in DST we only have the Wurt's power, she just gets wet and lost the item in her hand when she drowns. I think it is a great idea that Crabby can sell lifeguard float or floater because she actually sells floats... ok, the ones for fishing, but I'd like to make planks and the Bottle Tab more useful.
You need to put this item in your chest slot, like Wurt you get 50% wetness, no health penalty and only lose the item in your hand. You still lose -25 hunger and -25 sanity. Wurt's power still better, and she doesn't need this item.
Floater cost 3 bottles in the Bottle Tab and you need 4 affinity to Crabby.

Well, this is my idea. What do you think guys? :encouragement:


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It would be nice if this item could be used to traverse the sea actually. It is lighter then boat, so paddling would be much quicker. It would take a chest slot. If damaged it would sent you quickly in a direction from where it was damaged while quickly losing its hp. Basically single player cheaper alternative to get to Lunar island with it's disadvantages - like being unable to bring backpack.

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