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Build a space window to get rid of gas - Its nice :)

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Just as a little builder inspiration, perhaps :afro:. Currently I need to get rid of a lot of cold steam...

Here is my space window, the doors open when there is too much kg/cell steam. It looks so nice as it vents :p


The opening of the space window is triggered by this atmo sensor, set to green signal above 15000g. The Carbon Dioxide is a current system flush running through the various steam room stages. Rocket launches are currently paused for a moment and how, if and where Carbon Dioxide will flow still needs to be seen. Work in progress :adoration:


The dupes nearly constructed it fully, I`m already happy with the space window installation - It works well.







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Hey Slvrsrfr :)

I have added more screenshots to the original post. Oh, I did not realize its perhaps unusual to have the facility spawning up in the map. The challenge with it up there is, that the Regolith filled half the hall as soon I discovered the big hall. The spawned hall walls conduct lots of heat, so it was a challenge to seal it up and to dig all the Regolith out. I`m still not done on building the Cherno Sarcophagus around it :black_eyed:

Here a closeup of the planet coming by, looking through the space window :p


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Massive accident in a new steam room I built with the walls crippling at 500kg/cell steam.

Dupes are yelling "Who is the Colony Manager ?". Half the base is full of steam fallout, the repair team is trying to keep up...

Ermergancy, Emergancy !

Dupe Repair Staff


Colony Manager




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