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The clean room

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I'm always a germophobe in the game. First thing I do is set Disinfect to 0 germs, and you wouldn't believe the trouble I go through to make everything utterly sterile...

I begin by rapidly clearing out a room for Outhouses and Wash Basins. I dig out under the floor so I don't risk having anyone pick up anything in between using the toilet and washing their hands. There's storage behind the sinks for Polluted Dirt.

Once Lavatories and Sinks are in play, the septic system operates on recycled waste water using a Water Sieve and a Liquid Reservoir. Doesn't seem to matter if it's full of germs: as long as it's Water, you can use it in a Sink and Lavatory. I dread the day when they change this. The Water Sieve is behind the Sinks as well, near the Polluted Dirt storage, so it doesn't spread germs outside the sanitary area.

By the time the Liquid Reservoir fills up (it slowly gains mass as the Duplicants contribute to it), I have a chamber prepared on the surface for boiling water. It uses conductive Tungsten tiles and works by transferring the heat from meteors into the water stored within it. Once it flashes into Steam, I used it to power my first rockets. The germs die in the process.

That's right, the very first excrement of my colony ultimately gets them into space.

I carefully probe the Slime biomes for buried Thimble Reed Seeds without risking exposing the Duplicants to Slimelung. If I do need to enter an area where the atmosphere is contaminated, I build a liquid P-trap to contain it. Sometimes I need to process a Slime biome either because it's in the way or I need some of its resources. To accomplish this, I use an elaborate process of flooding the area with over-pressure Chlorine, which prevents the Polluted Water and excavated Slime from off-gasing, and disinfects any contaminated resources that fall to the ground. Any Polluted Oxygen in the area is cleaned with Deodorizers (which are in turn disinfected by the Chlorine), and the Oxygen is stored in Gas Reservoirs for later processing.

Honestly, I don't know much about the illness and immunity systems in the game. I recognize that there are medicine machines and doctor skills, but I've never once used them. If one of my Duplicants ever contracts something, I'm going to be in a sorry state indeed...

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2 hours ago, GuyPerfect said:

Doesn't seem to matter if it's full of germs: as long as it's Water, you can use it in a Sink and Lavatory. I dread the day when they change this.

I'd like it if germs transferred to dupes that way. Showering in germy water seems especially silly

And it's not that hard to deal with. At the start you can store away the germy water to deal with it later. Or just feed it to thimble reeds. After a short while it's easy to clean with reservoirs surrounded by chlorine. It's overkill for most things, but it's nice that that I don't have to pay attention to what I use the water for. I like to feed bristle blossoms with it, though it doesn't cover all the water they need. If I didn't clean it the harvest would have germs too.

Though I'd prefer that instead of the chlorine/reservoir interaction you'd have to put chlorine into the water and it's consumed. Somewhat like the ore scrubber.


For slime biomes, if you convert everything to oxygen the slimelung eventually dies out. But it can take some time with high germ counts

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