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What is the point of making Don't Starve and shipwrecked into 2 separate app?

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in the past, I though the reason Klei did this were because they don't want the app too heavily 

I though the reason Klei remove Seaworthy function because they have remove all other stuff from Rog and normal DS

but no, not only you can spawn and use the stuff from RoG, all of them work almost perfectly fine, 

you can even go down to the cave 

Why are all of them still in the game even though we can't normally access it?

down bellow is a video of me going down to the cave and go up, it spawns me in a normal Don't Starve wolrd which working fine, other than the the land being invisible, everthing is good

the save even show the icon of normal DS


Hình ảnh có thể có: đêm, văn bản cho biết 'Choose Slot Survival1-2 New Game New Game New Game New Game Cancel Morque'

friendly reminder: this video was recorded from an vanilla DSSW on ios non-jailbreak (meaning I can't use or install mod to do this)

all I do is open DSSW on PC, spawn stuff and put the save into my phone, and bem: 




my suggestion: merge 2 app into 1 app only and maybe increases price. Doing this also reduce the time for finding and fixing bug since now Klei only need to focus on 1 app instead of 2

also It's 2020, heavily game on mobile isn't a problem anymore, Game like genshin impact, Identity v, fortnite,... already prove that










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