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New combat mechanics

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I have an idea ... there is a mod that shows the life of the enemies and when attacking there is a nice animation, they could put that mod, but that is not the point, the point would be the following:

1.- The enemies: It is very repetitive to attack and flee as always, but what if we cannot do that? I explain. Wolfgang for example, is the "Warrior" so to speak, so in most cases, he would be the target of the enemies, he could withstand the damage, Wendy on the other hand, the ghosts of the tombs, the Pig-werewolf men and rabbit men, and "the robot" (WR78 I think it is) is attracted by the guardian of the ruins and is attacked by robots, finally Maxwell, more attacked by bats, bosses and if he has sanity low or I don't know, also in the new moon his shadows attack him, so he could instead of lowering his sanity by invoking his shadows, he can lower his maximum life and a little hunger for his efforts, also that there is a minigame to invoke them and That the shadows last longer but that they have life (I didn't get to use it so I don't know if they already have life).

2.-Also that some types of enemies such as the spider queen will throw a web at you to keep you still, the beefalos and bosses send you flying and that some depending on their attacks have secondary effects example: The Deerclops, when attacking you will feel an intense cold if it rubs his attack or if you get close. If you like give more ideas :)

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