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  1. I have no idea who put the translation into Spanish in Don't starve but I think they did not review it well before adding it to the PS4 console, what they see in the photo most will not understand but that is because it is in Spanish, also capital letters and some letters look strange, I advise you to change the translation for a better one please ✌️
  2. Ok, but that can be adapted to the consoles, what I meant is that by pressing R2 you access your inventory to organize it (the bar at the bottom of the screen) but you can also see the numbers of health, hunger, sanity, I just want they to give me the numbers and in configuration give you the option to put the season clock (since as far as I know, in RoG the thermal meter will only warn you 3 of 4 seasons, so you will not know if it will be spring or Autumn, it could also be used for Shipwrecked or Hamlet, I repeat, ONLY AS AN OPTION that you could activate or deactivate to your liking, or that is what I think they should put in the game.
  3. On PC there are mods that add what season we are in but in the form of a clock (like the clock that tells you the day) and there are also mods that show you the exact life, hunger and sanity in the form of a number, they should add that on PS4 ( and PS5)
  4. I found another bug and it happens in the ruins with Wagstaff, I go to the ruins with the infrared glasses but even with that the ruins do not light up and with or without the glasses it is still dark and I can die, the only thing that works is going out and back in but that's very annoying. Please fix the bug.
  5. I love Don't Starve End of topic.