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  1. Since I can't choose who to attack (because on PS4 you don't have a mouse and keyboard) I'm forced to get closer to the enemy (making ranged weapons useless) so I ask you to please fix that and that for example when using a weapon the priority is to give you the option to attack an enemy and not give you the option to interact with objects because if you carry a weapon is to fight obvious, also if you carry a ranged or melee weapon the proximity and distance of interaction change making that, if you carry a boomerang for example you can attack the enemy further away from your screen or almost touching the edge of your screen but if you carry a spear you will have to get closer to the enemy, then if you want to attack an enemy you must SEE him and have him in front of you, IT DOES NOT COUNT THAT YOU GIVE HIM THE ENEMY'S BACK, so if you don't look directly at a target or enemy you can't attack him SO THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS WHEN INTERACTING WITH SOMETHING and that for example if I want to attack a spider and I SEE IT the top PRIORITY is that I can attack that spider and not chester for example that is at my BACK, do you understand me? So when walking around the map I don't get the option to attack something that is behind my back or I'm not seeing it, thus improving the way of fighting and the Friendly Fire of the game
  2. The Jungle Trees are very annoying and cover the player's screen, they should make the upper part of the jungle trees (I mean the head) transparent, at least to see better because those trees cover the entire screen ☜ (↼_↼)
  3. I'm really tired of the "FRIENDLY FIRE". I've been playing the game for a while, but please listen to me or at least tell me why you can't remove the "FRIENDLY FIRE", about 2 minutes ago I was playing with Maxwell and using the servants or "shadows" that helps the player, but the shadows die because I accidentally press the [square] button and even if I'm looking in another direction or away from the shadows I always accidentally kill them, please have the L3 and R3 buttons and can they give them a function, I am not saying that you are lazy or useless I am just saying that it IS NOT NECESSARY to have the FRIENDLY FIRE activated ALWAYS you can do this, for example: if I want to get rid of Abigail I have to press the [R3] button I mean the correct joystick to activate / deactivate the fire friend and I press the "square" or the "F" key on the PC, so I can choose whether to kill Abigail or not be able to kill her to not cause more problems and voila, solved, just that, R3 + Square and so I can attack by force an ally of mine (as in PC with the Alt button I can also force the attack towards my ally) Ó╭╮Ò No, I'm not too angry to misspell in English, what happens is that I am using a Google translator (╥﹏╥)
  4. I have an idea, if I defeat MY Houndius Shootius MYSELF I can get it back but if an enemy defeats it the Houndius Shootius will disappear forever. Is it a good idea?
  5. I understand that it is very OP to be able to "replant" many Houndius Shootius making an invincible base, but it is silly to remove the option to "replant" the Houndius Shootius if I can still use the "wooden thing" to create as many Houndius Shootius as I want, that makes it an * infinite * object. So why not give me the option to replant Houndius Shootius if I can still get as many as I want? ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
  6. SPOILER: After entering the ruins and creating the structure "Houndius Shootius" there is a little problem with that * It cannot be replanted * that is, if I place it once I will not be able to recover it and take it to another site, it is a great stupidity :/ I do not know if it only happens with the base game and it was already fixed in the DLCs (which I still do not see because I bought the 3 DLCs of the game) and speaking of DLCs in the PS4 version the Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs are poorly optimized to the point that I can't get big bases
  7. On PC this problem does not occur because they use the mouse to attack and be able to choose your enemy, but on consoles it depends on whether the enemy is close to you and you must press the square but you attack the enemy closer to you and you cannot choose it, here the problem : If I hit an enemy by holding down the square button when killing an enemy, it goes to the next objective and if I am near Chester or worse ... ABIGAIL (the ghost) because of 1 attack you kill it by accident and you must return to wait for him to reappear and I haven't checked yet but I think you also hurt him if you hit him with the fire or ice staff, that is, they must remove the "friendly fire" so that it is impossible to hurt your friends like chester, a pig you hired or Abigail, or they can also give me the option to remove the friendly fire to make it optional ... also another problem is that when playing on consoles, when pointing with the lazy's cane (the one with the orange gem) I only Allows you to aim at the edges of the screen because I can not choose obviously and it also happens with the cannons of the Shipwrecked DLC, on consoles obviously, they should give me the option that, for example, I can aim with the touch screen or that when equipping the cannon or the staff, the character stays still or the camera remains still (either of the two) and that I can move with any of the levers the objective to which I want to hit specifically. I do not know if you understand me by the way I already said it many times but so that you understand that I am Spanish and I used Google translator to be able to write I am very sorry if some things were very strange but it is the only thing I can do