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Please add some more ways to join a game in DST.

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Can you please add a future to next update that for every world a unique code/link generates and people with having them can join the game without opening browse game menu. It is useful for hiding server from everyone and only invites people you want to be in your server without adding them as a steam friend.

You can create the link using the server ip, server name and a random code, then the chance of repeating the codes will drop to 0, because it is quite impossible for some people on same ip, host more than two words with same name and the random code be same for them.

If these are quite impossible for you, please support discord invitation. Some of games do and we can invite people to our game without being steam friends with them. I don't know which one of them is easier for you, but please add one of these in next update of Don't Starve Together

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