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Stealing ethanol from the void.

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I'd like to know if this has happened to any of you. I'll include a screenshot and a save file for fun.

Short story: I got curious about the crying crab for cooling.

More: I got myself an interesting idea - use a thermo regulator. I let it run for a while - and now the hydrogen inside the loop is chilly enough to make a really cold plate. So much so that it freezes ethanol gas directly.

Here's a screenshot of the little eldritch contraption - let's call it the moon machine:




I'm using debug mode on this one to make time fly. But it still happens on regular high speed and has survived cycling save/load.

The ethanol that was brushed into the setup was 50 kg to replenish the last batch that "evaporated" into nothing from previous tests without the petro. (It's currently at 69.5Kg IIRC) Now the funny thing is that right after a freeze/thaw cycle I get about 100g or more of surprise ethanol. Note that sometimes there's an ethanol debris that forms on the bottom that doesn't thaw. I've noticed that when it thaws we get that extra liquid.

I'd like a real life version of this to bottle the stuff.

Here's the save file, don't mind the mess:

TM ethanolbreather v1.sav


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3 minutes ago, mathmanican said:

What mods are you using?


These are the only 3 active ones ATM:


(pliers, fan tiles, show building ranges)

Bigger camera zoom out is disabled.

Fan tiles is only required for the regular save file tho.

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