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Trade Offer for Mod Help

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I'm still dreadfully .lua illiterate, but would like to push an update for my mod this Halloween. I feel bad coming to the forums looking for help on things I barely understand, hoping others will be able to know what I'm doing wrong or what the right way to do something is. So, to offer something in return, I propose a trade. 

I'm looking for someone who can add a few useable items to my mod. They include at least two of the following:

1) A spell that turns a stack of logs into living logs, for a significant health cost. It should only affect logs in the immediate vicinity, and not any stacks in chests or in your inventory. 

2) A spell that causes a meteor shower to target an enemy or mob, but not structures. 

3) A spell that significantly drains another player's sanity (or your sanity, if that's easier, but I'd prefer another player's), but that gives you nightmare fuel in return. 

Her spells use Wickerbottom's reading animation, and go in a custom tab that I already have set up. They do not cause sanity drain to use, as Winnie is a witch and knows magic by nature. These spells should be exclusive to Winnie, and unusable by others. 

I'm also looking for a way to make her custom crock pot recipes (mushrooms > potions) exclusive to her, but that's less pressing. 

In return, I'm offering a custom, professionally printed set of Don't Starve tarot cards. Below is an example of the Major Arcana, 22 cards 


The Minor Arcana is currently in production. I'm offering the full deck, Major and Minor, 78 Cards with custom tuck box, which will be completed and ready for printing before the end of the month. They're full color printed on smooth standard game cardstock, measuring 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm). 

I also have Don't Starve commissions available for anyone willing to tackle this issue, if tarot isn't your speed or even if you want both for the amount of work I'm asking. 




That being said, I will supply the necessary sprites for the mod items I'm requesting.

I really hope this isn't being too forward. Winnie's update is slated for Oct. 31, and as it stands now she IS stable and ready to be pushed, so I understand if anyone who reads this thinks I'm bonkers for asking, I'd just like to add those extra spells that were supposed to be part of her original release but I could never figure out. If anyone is interested, please let me know below, what you're able to do, and what you'd like in return (I will need your shipping address in order to send you the cards, just keep that in mind), and I reply with a copy of her files + the artwork necessary to make the items. 

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The Don't Starve 78 Card tarot is now COMPLETE, and a guaranteed physical deck!! As of right now I'm just waiting for the printing studio to get back to me with a template for a custom tuck box, but the cards themselves are finished!! 

If you're interested in the offer, you can see a preview of the completed Minor Arcana (all the cards not pictured above) at https://survival-and-magic.tumblr.com/post/632531638615769088/they-are-finally-finished

And since we're closer to Halloween than we were when I posted this, I'm MOSTLY concerned with Spell #3. 

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@Faerendipitous Howdy! You can DM me your mod folder in .zip and I will do my best to help you. I don't expect payback, because shipping would be highly inconvenient for you due to my domicile. Cheers!

Edit: inconvenient* + It's 17:15 in my country so I will start working on it in about 12-16 hours

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