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  1. Apparently a character mod I've been working on for some time has had a persistent issue in which her custom recipe tab doesn't show up in servers where caves are enabled. Now that I have a desktop that can HANDLE caves (kinda) I'm trying to tackle that issue, since I can now self-test. I've been going through forums and other mods trying to figure this out but it takes approximately twelve years for DST to boot up a caves-enabled server so really I think it'd be easier to just... ask. Like for real, as I'm writing this I'm waiting for a test server to generate and the lovely ambient music has looped at least seven times. Attached is her modmain, where all the information about the custom crafting tab is. She also has prefabs files for each of six custom items. I know this is a server/client issue, and have seen other people saying that the custom tab code needs to go above a GetWorldSim command. I've looked at other mods with custom tabs that work in caves and have tried to replicate their execution. So far all I've managed to do was make the crafting bar... longer?? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? modmain.lua
  2. The Don't Starve 78 Card tarot is now COMPLETE, and a guaranteed physical deck!! As of right now I'm just waiting for the printing studio to get back to me with a template for a custom tuck box, but the cards themselves are finished!! If you're interested in the offer, you can see a preview of the completed Minor Arcana (all the cards not pictured above) at https://survival-and-magic.tumblr.com/post/632531638615769088/they-are-finally-finished And since we're closer to Halloween than we were when I posted this, I'm MOSTLY concerned with Spell #3.
  3. I'm still dreadfully .lua illiterate, but would like to push an update for my mod this Halloween. I feel bad coming to the forums looking for help on things I barely understand, hoping others will be able to know what I'm doing wrong or what the right way to do something is. So, to offer something in return, I propose a trade. I'm looking for someone who can add a few useable items to my mod. They include at least two of the following: 1) A spell that turns a stack of logs into living logs, for a significant health cost. It should only affect logs in the immediate vicinity, and not any stacks in chests or in your inventory. 2) A spell that causes a meteor shower to target an enemy or mob, but not structures. 3) A spell that significantly drains another player's sanity (or your sanity, if that's easier, but I'd prefer another player's), but that gives you nightmare fuel in return. Her spells use Wickerbottom's reading animation, and go in a custom tab that I already have set up. They do not cause sanity drain to use, as Winnie is a witch and knows magic by nature. These spells should be exclusive to Winnie, and unusable by others. I'm also looking for a way to make her custom crock pot recipes (mushrooms > potions) exclusive to her, but that's less pressing. In return, I'm offering a custom, professionally printed set of Don't Starve tarot cards. Below is an example of the Major Arcana, 22 cards The Minor Arcana is currently in production. I'm offering the full deck, Major and Minor, 78 Cards with custom tuck box, which will be completed and ready for printing before the end of the month. They're full color printed on smooth standard game cardstock, measuring 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm). I also have Don't Starve commissions available for anyone willing to tackle this issue, if tarot isn't your speed or even if you want both for the amount of work I'm asking. That being said, I will supply the necessary sprites for the mod items I'm requesting. I really hope this isn't being too forward. Winnie's update is slated for Oct. 31, and as it stands now she IS stable and ready to be pushed, so I understand if anyone who reads this thinks I'm bonkers for asking, I'd just like to add those extra spells that were supposed to be part of her original release but I could never figure out. If anyone is interested, please let me know below, what you're able to do, and what you'd like in return (I will need your shipping address in order to send you the cards, just keep that in mind), and I reply with a copy of her files + the artwork necessary to make the items.
  4. Adding this to her modmain removes her ability to pick flowers all together, which I find absolutely hilarious.
  5. I have a character mod I've been working on for a while, and she basically plays on sanity. One of her main perks is that she regains more sanity from picking flowers than others. Right now, the idea is that each flower gives her +10, whereas others receive +5 I have added a character tag "winnie" into her character.lua, and the following code is in her modmain. I boot up the game, load the mod, and everything works fine, but only when Winnie is alone. The MOMENT another player joins, it falls apart. The OTHER player's game crashes, and it gives them a memory error: (Taken from a friend's client_log.txt after Winnie crashed their game.) Obvious it's something about that final line, with "pickable", that the game doesn't like, but I checked and "pickable" is indeed listed as a component in the main script files of DST, so im not sure what the problem is?
  6. AH! Yep, that was it!!! Because I'm updating and existing mod, I'm using an older version of the character template, so it didn't have the right asset lines loaded into the modmain.lua. GOD you wouldn't believe the circles I went in for hours trying to figure that out, thank you so much!!
  7. If I understand correctly (and I probably don't, let's be real here) then yes, how I fixed the nomenclature in the compiler files SHOULD have linked the assets. All of her files and assets use the same name, winifred. The autocompiler links the assets automatically, but there seems to be a hiccup in how it happens. Changing the autocompiled "names_winifred" and "names_gold_winifred" to just "winifred" on each under the element tag, should have fixed it, but did not.
  8. It's only the name that isn't working. Thankfully I was able to sort the rest out between the existing mod and the updated template file, but nothing I do to the images folder containing the name files works.
  9. It's been ages and I'm trying to update an old mod of mine, Winifred the Witch, up on the steam workshop, and things are going pretty smoothly up until I try to get Winnie's name to appear on the selection screen. Now, I've seen this issue around, and apparently it was a compiler error, and the fix is to add your images, compile them, and then edit the XML documents to reflect the correct compiling script. Which I did. I've tried every feasible combination of edits. I've provided my own pngs for the grey and gold names. I've changed either and both of the element name tags in the XML documents for her name. I even made sure that the png is scaled to a power of 2, at 1024x512. Nothing is working. The game works fine, and nothing crashes, but hovering over the selection icon for my mod character has no result on the name. It will just linger on whatever the last canon character you hovered over was. I've seen threads around that detailed how the fix this, but they all seem out of date, since Klei keeps updating this game and all the threads I looked at were from early 2019 at the LATEST had an entirely different selection screen all together. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I mean. By all accounts, according to the tutorials I found, it SHOULD be working, but it just isn't. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  10. I've seen entire scripting files in mods that replace the base functions of things like this - would it be sufficient to copy the edited evergreens.lua file to my mod. Would that allow it to take precedence over the existing evergreens.lua? local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, TUNING.LEIF_REAWAKEN_RADIUS, { "leif" }) for i, v in ipairs(ents) do if chopper:HasTag("treeboy") then return else if v.components.sleeper ~= nil and v.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() then v:DoTaskInTime(math.random(), WakeUpLeif) end if not (chopper ~= nil and chopper:HasTag("treeboy")) then v.components.combat:SuggestTarget(chopper) end end end My biggest problem in the process of learning .LUA is that, logically this reads fine, but if it's not precisely correct, the computer has no idea what I'm talking about.
  11. Yeah that's exactly it. I'm usually very good at looking through examples on the forums and existing code and hashing out what needs to go where to achieve what I'm looking for (though often very messily) and subsequently modifying things that I need changed to achieve closer to what I'm looking for. I've given the character the "noleiftarget" tag, among others, but I've not been able to spawn a naturally occurring treeguard to test that. I debug spawn them into the game to test the code, but yes, effectively, when you begin chopping a tree very, VERY close to them they attack - though they give up very quickly because of the brain tweak.
  12. But I also have code that would change brains/leifbrain, in a separate script folder. require "behaviours/standstill" require "behaviours/runaway" require "behaviours/doaction" require "behaviours/panic" require "behaviours/wander" require "behaviours/chaseandattack" local LeifBrain = Class(Brain, function(self, inst) Brain._ctor(self, inst) end) local START_FACE_DIST = 0 local KEEP_FACE_DIST = 0 local MAX_CHASE_TIME = 0 local MAX_CHASE_DIST = 0 local WANDER_DIST = 20 local MIN_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local MAX_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local function GetFaceTargetFn(inst) local target = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, START_FACE_DIST) if target and not target:HasTag("notarget", "noleiftarget") then return target end end local function KeepFaceTargetFn(inst, target) return inst:GetDistanceSqToInst(target) <= KEEP_FACE_DIST*KEEP_FACE_DIST and not target:HasTag("notarget", "noleiftarget") end function LeifBrain:OnStart() local root = PriorityNode( { WhileNode( function() return self.inst.components.hauntable and self.inst.components.hauntable.panic end, "PanicHaunted", Panic(self.inst)), ChaseAndAttack(self.inst, MAX_CHASE_TIME, MAX_CHASE_DIST), FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn), Wander(self.inst) } ,0.25) self.bt = BT(self.inst, root) end return LeifBrain And this SEEMS to work fairly well. If the treeguard exists on the map and the character cuts down a tree in the vicinity, the guard doesn't chase after them and doesn't attack unless they're RIGHT ON TOP of the character (ie, I spawn a guard right on top of them and another tree to test) I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate that last little hiccup and also how to make this exclusive to the one character. I'd like to think it'd be as easy as adding an if/then clause with the original leifbrain at the else, but I'm not sure on that.
  13. The idea that I'm trying to accomplish is a webber-esque character who will not be targeted by treeguards. I've looked through webber's files, and the files of the common spiders, and I know that they achieve this with the "spiderwhisperer" tag, but I've been trying to figure out how to achieve the same thing with treeguards and keep coming up empty handed. Adding the tag "treeboy" isn't so hard to do in the character.lua, but I'm largely at a loss on how to change the behavior of the treeguards to listen to this tag and refrain from attacking the character even when chopping.
  14. I've been trying to add a script to a new mod that allows a character to neither spawn a treeguard nor have them attack the character. I've found other mods that have effects similar but I can't seem to pinpoint the origin of the effect in the code, or at the very least can't figure out how to translate it into a usable code for a different character.
  15. Thanks!! Doing the cards was really fun, and hopefully in the future I'd like to find some more tools of real-world magic to lend a DS design to!