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  1. I've seen entire scripting files in mods that replace the base functions of things like this - would it be sufficient to copy the edited evergreens.lua file to my mod. Would that allow it to take precedence over the existing evergreens.lua? local ents = TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, TUNING.LEIF_REAWAKEN_RADIUS, { "leif" }) for i, v in ipairs(ents) do if chopper:HasTag("treeboy") then return else if v.components.sleeper ~= nil and v.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() then v:DoTaskInTime(math.random(), WakeUpLeif) end if not (chopper ~= nil and chopper:HasTag("treeboy")) then v.components.combat:SuggestTarget(chopper) end end end My biggest problem in the process of learning .LUA is that, logically this reads fine, but if it's not precisely correct, the computer has no idea what I'm talking about.
  2. Yeah that's exactly it. I'm usually very good at looking through examples on the forums and existing code and hashing out what needs to go where to achieve what I'm looking for (though often very messily) and subsequently modifying things that I need changed to achieve closer to what I'm looking for. I've given the character the "noleiftarget" tag, among others, but I've not been able to spawn a naturally occurring treeguard to test that. I debug spawn them into the game to test the code, but yes, effectively, when you begin chopping a tree very, VERY close to them they attack - though they give up very quickly because of the brain tweak.
  3. But I also have code that would change brains/leifbrain, in a separate script folder. require "behaviours/standstill" require "behaviours/runaway" require "behaviours/doaction" require "behaviours/panic" require "behaviours/wander" require "behaviours/chaseandattack" local LeifBrain = Class(Brain, function(self, inst) Brain._ctor(self, inst) end) local START_FACE_DIST = 0 local KEEP_FACE_DIST = 0 local MAX_CHASE_TIME = 0 local MAX_CHASE_DIST = 0 local WANDER_DIST = 20 local MIN_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local MAX_FOLLOW_DIST = 0 local function GetFaceTargetFn(inst) local target = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, START_FACE_DIST) if target and not target:HasTag("notarget", "noleiftarget") then return target end end local function KeepFaceTargetFn(inst, target) return inst:GetDistanceSqToInst(target) <= KEEP_FACE_DIST*KEEP_FACE_DIST and not target:HasTag("notarget", "noleiftarget") end function LeifBrain:OnStart() local root = PriorityNode( { WhileNode( function() return self.inst.components.hauntable and self.inst.components.hauntable.panic end, "PanicHaunted", Panic(self.inst)), ChaseAndAttack(self.inst, MAX_CHASE_TIME, MAX_CHASE_DIST), FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn), Wander(self.inst) } ,0.25) self.bt = BT(self.inst, root) end return LeifBrain And this SEEMS to work fairly well. If the treeguard exists on the map and the character cuts down a tree in the vicinity, the guard doesn't chase after them and doesn't attack unless they're RIGHT ON TOP of the character (ie, I spawn a guard right on top of them and another tree to test) I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate that last little hiccup and also how to make this exclusive to the one character. I'd like to think it'd be as easy as adding an if/then clause with the original leifbrain at the else, but I'm not sure on that.
  4. The idea that I'm trying to accomplish is a webber-esque character who will not be targeted by treeguards. I've looked through webber's files, and the files of the common spiders, and I know that they achieve this with the "spiderwhisperer" tag, but I've been trying to figure out how to achieve the same thing with treeguards and keep coming up empty handed. Adding the tag "treeboy" isn't so hard to do in the character.lua, but I'm largely at a loss on how to change the behavior of the treeguards to listen to this tag and refrain from attacking the character even when chopping.
  5. I've been trying to add a script to a new mod that allows a character to neither spawn a treeguard nor have them attack the character. I've found other mods that have effects similar but I can't seem to pinpoint the origin of the effect in the code, or at the very least can't figure out how to translate it into a usable code for a different character.
  6. Thanks!! Doing the cards was really fun, and hopefully in the future I'd like to find some more tools of real-world magic to lend a DS design to!
  7. My own set of Don't Starve Tarot Cards, consisting of 22 Major Arcana Cards, are now on sale for 45.00 USD! Tell the future!! Delve into the Arcane!! Experience all the magic of Don't Starve without the horrifying shadow consequences!! Each card is printed in full color on 300gsm playing quality cards. See samples of the cards here: Tumblr || Etsy
  8. I bet!! I've been keeping busy myself, outside of Winnie's work. I just finished a DS tarot deck and started work on a character mod for a friend, which should prove a little easier than Winnie was (though the custom item might be difficult. I plan to draw from Lucy for a talking PDA item, but that's all in due time!) First mod priority for me is Winnie - can't wait to see how she turns out!! And thank you again for all of your help, she'd be pretty much dead in the water otherwise!!
  9. More info, examples, and prices at my tumblr! Commissions range from 5 USD - 45 USD. OCs welcomed and encouraged! No NSFW. I don't know if this is allowed here, I'm very new to both commissions and forums - if not, I'm very sorry and I'll rearrange the post as just a regular art post, no questions asked! - but I recently opened commissions for the first time ever, and thought some folks over here might be interested too!
  10. Yep, that's precisely it!! I'm not too particularly picky about how far the radius goes, whatever works best or is easiest, just so long as you can drop like a stack of logs, cast the spell, and then be able to pick up a stack of living logs! If you can at all, that would be absolutely wonderful - I don't have the coding knowledge necessary to program these spells myself. Starting Winnie has been like learning a new language for me. Right now I'm at the stage where I can read lua, but I can't really write it. Or, when I do, I end up crashing. 8')
  11. Well this took care of the crafting tab - I'd thought that the slot was meant to serve as a name for the spell, was clearly mistaken. The appearance of the recipe is working fine now; however, it still refuses to be crafted, and when I try to complete the prefab file by adding the spell name to the last line, it crashes the game all together. Winifred the Witch TEST FILE.zip
  12. I'm in the final stages of finishing the mod for Winnie, and it's gotten... complex. Way beyond my meager skill level. I've managed to add a new recipe tab, for her spellwork, and have an idea of what spells I want her to have available to her. I've been posting in the mod portion of the forums a lot since starting Winnie, and feel bad that I've been asking for so much help with what's ultimately a personal project. That being said, I'd be more than happy to make a Character Poster, Character Aesthetic Post or other Don't Starve-Styled Art, or to provide art for any mod you might have in mind, if anyone can help me with the prefab coding for the following: I'm looking to have several items craftable through the custom recipe tab I've created. One that spawns in-ground carrots in a random amount near the player; One that turns regular dropped logs into living logs (but not logs held in inventory); One that speeds the growth of crops, bushes, and trees (like Applied Horticulture); One that makes it rain frogs; One that spawns a faerie ring of mushrooms near the player. Each of these should take health to cast, have a finite durability, and drain the sanity of any other players surrounding Winnie when she casts them. Also is there any kind of flash or effect that can either smooth the spawning of certain things like carrots and mushrooms? Also my apologies if this would be better suited in the trading forum... it just seemed like that area was exclusively skins and items, so I thought it'd be safer here. And, please!!! If you do have functional code for any of these, please don't forget to request one of the above pieces!!! I've got a brand new tablet coming in and need to break it in~ I really appreciate everything the folks I've talked to on the klei forums have done for me, so some art is the least I can do in return!! Much thanks, Tib (and Winnie) EDIT: I've uploaded the incomplete mod as a .zip file, since that's probably...pretty important. Winifred the Witch TEST FILE.zip
  13. Because I love suffering and being sad, I'm adding one more feature to Winnie before she's fully released. She now can utilize her book of shadows in the form of various spells craftable from a unique tab in the toolbar. I figured out how to add a custom tab, and even added a custom recipe! But I'm struggling to link an item to the recipe. local carrotspell = AddRecipe("Carrots", {Ingredient("papyrus", 1), Ingredient("carrot", 2), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 2)}, papyrustab, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, 5, "papyrustab", "images/inventoryimages/carrotspell.xml", "carrotspell.tex") is in my modmain.lua, and I have carrotspell tex and xml in the appropriate folders as mentioned in the recipe line. STRINGS.NAMES.CARROTSPELL = "The Green Thumb Spell" STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.CARROTSPELL = "All it says is 'carrots.' Huh." is also included in the modmain to lend a name and description to the recipe. I have the carrotspell.lua file in my prefabs folder, though it's not really fleshed out since I don't know how to achieve the function of the spell just yet. Spawing Carrots can come later. Right now I just need to figure out how to make a basic custom item. However, at the end of the prefab file, if I try to put return Prefab( "common/inventory/carrotspell", fn, Assets) like I'm supposed to, the game won't open correctly and then crashes. In addition to that, when you hover over the recipe for the carrotspell - for which the image shows up fine! - the image of the carrotspell and the name and desc is missing from the hovertab where you can hit 'build'. If I gather the necessary materials and craft the carrotspell, Winnie will use the materials, busy about for a moment, and then say "I can't do that." I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong here. I've been following another mod that uses custom items, to see where everything needs to be placed, but I must have gotten something mixed up along the way. I have the files available if anyone would need them to get a better idea of what I did.
  14. Yeah. She works fine on her own but whenever I'm playing her and a friend tries to join, their game crashes and boots them out. I'd understand the claims that this was maybe an error on their part, and not the mod itself, but I've played DST with them in unmodded servers just fine, and their crashes happen EXPRESSLY when I play with Winnie. I've gotten the logs from their ends on several occasions. Most often is Orphaned Resources error, and then a Rafnek error about not being able to find prefab winnie or replicable assets. On their end it registers as a memory crash. I'm completely baffled.