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way to config mobs?

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wasn't sure where exactly i should post this so sorry if this is the wrong place;;

i was wondering if anyone knows of any way to config the ocean mobs? specifically the rockjaw 

sharks have always scared me since i was a kid but i also have a pretty bad phobia of bodies of water to the point where i didnt even sail in the update until my friend was with me & even that made my anxiety spike hard, then when we tried sailing after the rockjaw was added & we ran into one for the first time i just froze & cried lmao;;; 

believe me i knOw how silly it probably seems to be scared by cartoony water & creatures, its honestly ridiculous to me too, but unfortunately my brain will take any visual of deep water/sharks & try to turn it into night terrors so i try to avoid things that are just Very likely to fuel that. 

so yeah TLDR; is there a way (or mod) to turn jockjaws off bc i am babie :spidercowers:

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There may be a mod, or eventually even a world Gen option that lets you toggle them off.. I don’t know for sure so don’t take my word for it.

I hope that the newer content as well as some of the older content eventually gets toggles to turn it on or off.

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1 hour ago, lithop said:


Hey there! So sadly config options for the ocean have not been added yet. Nor do I know of any mods that disable sharks, so I made one myself!

Disable Sharks.zip

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods"

Plop this zip into this directory on your computer, and then unzip the file.

That's it! You can go onto DST and you should see the mod in your mods list, enable it and you won't see sharks on your world ever again :)

And don't worry, it's not silly to have phobias or be scared of such things. In fact I think you're really brave to have been able to go out onto the ocean despite your phobia. Have fun playing DST ! Let me know if you ran into any problems downloading or enabling the mod.

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On 10/10/2020 at 2:00 PM, Hornete said:


you're so amazing!! i can't thank you enough, im seriously so grateful i could cry aaa thank you!! :'+)

i didn't have any problems downloading it or anything so i'm gonna start a new world with it today!

im so happy & thank you for also not making me feel silly about my phobia, you're a kind soul & i really appreciate that. ❤️

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