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- dandy long legs

a tall spider generally shunned away by its kin, it now wonders the mosaic biome grave robbing and using the junk to its own advantage...

- lumur

monkeys from the lunar island some how washed up on your island and now is searching for shiny things no matter the cost. You’ll also be able to find them on drift wood rafts generally withholding treasure or what would be practically junk in a chest.

- glow fish

Large fish that glow during the night giving off light for those who are unfortunately don’t have light, they can also be fished and used as a lantern that is if you feed it.

- loonar 

even when the moon cracked so did the birds that circle the lunar isle. What was once perfectly normal loons now turn bad as they attack each other or attack in large groups, they also might band together as they swarm the beach area for bones and food to munch on.

- blow fish

although they don’t pose as much of a threat they will however blow wind pushing your boat (if you have sails) away from its general direction and if it is attacked it’ll blast itself away from you while blowing your boat away however this does deflate the fish.

- beatle 

Much like they’re brethren the rock lobsters, the Beatles spend they’re days in the caves pushing a boulder around which contained very special minerals however the beatle would kill anyone if they dare mine they’re hard work.

- humming bird

unlike it’s winged kin, the humming bird does not fear larger creature for it is too busy collecting nectar from flowers while playing a lovely tune which would raise the listeners sanity however they would hum the tune for a limited amount of time however the player can prolong it if they give it honey.


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