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CANDLES! Concept

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- Scented candles

candles that give off a promising smell which can regain the smellers sanity 

- candle pit

generally a waxy version of the basic campfire, it can be lit by a torch and last up to 10 days and while it melts it can drop beeswax which is the main component to candles 

- small candles 

can be held by hand or can be placed on the ground (it gives off not much light but can last longer then the normal torch 

- endothermic candles 

basically candles that give off a cold aura 

- sleeping candles 

candles that can make you fall asleep allowing you to regenerate health 

- candle cap

not the safest hat for your head but it will suffice, the candle cap lasts longer then the usual miners hat but I can’t say much about the cap when it starts raining 

:final mechanics:

*instead of putting fireflies inside of a lantern or a pumpkin you can place a candle in there 

*candles can go out if it starts raining

*candles can’t be lit if they are wet

*need to find a use for the dead? Stick a candle in its skull


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