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Suggestion. Concerning the Wigfrid refresh.

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In all honesty, I love the refresh. I waited for so long to finally have her skins. The new winged victory skin set is by far the most beautiful piece of art Klei ever come up with.

I loved how they didn't do anything substantial to her to be treated as a rework, Wigfrid is a perfect character, ups and downs.

But the new ability is kind of underwhelming. Inspiration drops down too quickly for you to even think about anything else besides bashing monsters skulls in. I'm always so focused on just hitting and dodging my target I hardly remember we now have songs.

What if, instead of inspiration dropping when out of battle, she could keep it up at all times? Of course you would need to fight mobs to fill it up, that is fine untouched. But having inspiration ready for boss battles would be the best option in my opinion. Inspiration is divided into 3 segments, each song would take away a segment of your inspiration. That way Wigfrid could charge into battle with buffs before actually engaging more dangerous enemies (If she fought any other mobs beforehand and filled her meter of course).

The songs would cost 33% of your inspiration to be activated, you can activate 3 songs to completely deplete your meter. Each song lasts 30-60 seconds. You start battling, fill up your meter again, refresh the songs, kickass and repeat.

Edit: Another idea that occurred to me, Wigfrid would only keep a segment of inspiration if she fully filled it, meaning if she killed a bunch of mobs and only got 90% of the first segment, it would deplete at the same speed it is right now. You can only keep the segments up if you completely fill it. It would give you more meaning to fight other monsters around if you didn't get a segment. Also makes it less overpowered so you don't stop/resume fighting when you want it and stay committed to battle for a reward. Longer fights would always give you a complete segment or segments, while short fights stay balanced as it is.

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