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[H] distinguished duplicates [W] missing elegants/distinguished


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Hi all, got a few of spare chest, endtable etc. skins:

Wardrobe image.png.b88d5f6783d7b0a9d51d29d009472d4d.png Silk Loungewear Black Lunar     
Wardrobe image.png.eda23fb59aa106e18c279d38fc47665a.png Treeguard Costume Top Woodie Costume     
Wardrobe image.png.b36541821797e37f7000c09de6c6ac6d.png Bunny Slippers Purple -     
Belonging image.png.31a19ea750fa54dfade481937b1d0b88.png Antique Endtable - -     
Belonging image.png.65c34fa107a6726dd5fa00f29b53b692.png Carpet Bag - -     
Belonging image.png.2fb6d7615580ebfeb31caeb4dd80a4ab.png Dragonfly Endtable - -     
Belonging image.png.c18cda0e22888d6d9780031704c79095.png Ornamental Birdcage - Winter     
Belonging image.png.8898f8a125023ea2520098e2dd1d8214.png  Patchwork Quilt White -     
Belonging image.png.81eb002fe7a889d472997c326886d9e7.png Steamer Trunk - -       

Nota bene: Not quite sure what people with "spares" of the things below are actually looking for. Hit me with a DM if you're looking for something else.

Looking for any of these:

  • webber's survivor body (distinguished)
  • both variants of the trapper hat
  • various elegant items under ~0.85€ / $1 (some backpacks, critters, hats, etc), except those from costume and winter collections):


Trade link

JSON Voorhees

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