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myxal    348

Hi all, got a few of spare chest, endtable etc. skins:

Wardrobe image.png.661a5996eaec112d729255a8324ba9ad.png Flouncy Dress Tan -     
Wardrobe image.png.9bc3b163055aa0516fc71f59a30b85f3.png Silk Loungewear Black Lunar     
Wardrobe image.png.621594176b22e27d71a8c3aa2f4f1abb.png Treeguard Costume Top Woodie Costume     
Wardrobe image.png.6b9c957c5fb0aa031a23d0754b29afed.png Heirloom Rosegown Wickerbottom Rose     
Wardrobe image.png.126ecf6ae2e0f2f93851654b06fedc23.png Bunny Slippers Purple -     
Wardrobe image.png.eb2023ea937a68037622c359fb7ac79b.png Fuzzy Slippers Blue -     
Belonging image.png.e2c25d6b45429656e180e750ca2e262b.png Antique Endtable - -     
Belonging image.png.f7e98631a1df790a62c974f4dd58ebfe.png Austere Endtable - -     
Belonging image.png.53857df3c15bf025cc084f8bd179af54.png Carpet Bag - -     
Belonging image.png.379dc70f0052672de2151400c781f98a.png Dragonfly Endtable - -     
Belonging image.png.6d0e43f56aaffc547b77174d05e6a2f0.png Ornamental Birdcage - Winter     
Belonging image.png.6670815e910f91b0f6db324cd448bb0a.png Patchwork Quilt White -     
Belonging image.png.00ae8c9c579d68a57b3d2fcf279cdfc6.png Steamer Trunk - -     

Nota bene: Not quite sure what people with "spares" of the things below are actually looking for. Hit me with a DM if you're looking for something else.

Looking for any of these:

  • webber's survivor body (distinguished)
  • both variants of the trapper hat
  • various elegant items under ~0.85€ / $1 (some backpacks, critters, hats, etc), except those from costume and winter collections):


Trade link

JSON Voorhees

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