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Can the auto-sweeper take only one egg ?

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I need some help. I'd like to have a ranching room with 3 shine bugs (eggs included), and have the auto-sweeper to take the extra eggs out of the room.
The problem is, if there is 2 bugs and 2 egg on the room, the auto-sweeper take the 2 eggs at once and get them out of the room.
Is there a solution for the auto-sweeper take only 1 egg at a time ?


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It might be hard to do inside a small ranch, but a reliable way is to have the sweeper in range of a bin set to 1, so that only one egg can be loaded at a time. Then, another sweeper the is only in range of that bin loads the egg into a higher priority loader. The loader of course cannot be in range of the first sweeper. Then you can use automation on the sweepers if you ahve specific needs.
You might have dupes interfearing with the bin, so i suggest you use the mod that allows all kind of storage buildings to have the option "allow/disallow manual use" similarly to conveyor loaders.

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Well, suxkar answered your question perfectly. 
There is one downside to that method though:
You have no control over which egg is moved! The sweeper might just dump a 99% egg when a new one is laid, starting from 0% again.

An optional solution would be to move the first egg into a position unreachable by sweepers (and duplicants), inside the room, using shipping. 
You also want to prevent your critters from going there so they can't lay an egg in that exact position. Some liquid should do the trick.
Simple example:




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