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I have been playing on the official Klei server "Germany 1" for two weeks now. Each and every base has been burned by griefers that come by. About ten bases. We made a running joke about it for a while: us against he griefers, rebuilding and rebuilding. But the joy has past. It's just never fun to play on a non-moderated server. Going back to the private communties, and to servers with mods like MYHOME. Otherwise, longterm public play makes no sense whatsoever. 

I play since the first month this game came out. I have never not seen a base not burn on official servers. Reporting them does nothing.

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On 9/12/2020 at 4:32 AM, originalmaja said:

Us against he griefers

I used to play on the strictly endless servers and the way we managed to make our bases survive, was to hide them. Most griefers are noobs and will not dedicate an extensive knowledge or time into finding hidden, or harder to reach bases. 

Usually unmarked cave bases that do not have a nearby entrance, and if the way there is dangerous (spiders, tentacles, etc) will prevent griefers from reaching it for hundreds, or even thousands of days. Learning to hide and keep the base properly hidden is an art by itself.

They only make it there when someone of the base team is naive enough to let a griefer know where the base is (remember folks, never ask, nor reply, where the base is on a public server). That's why picking your friends on public servers carefully, saves a lot of time, even if it makes you look mean when you don't tell where the base is to newcomers. You can still help the players that join with thermals, basic tools, and even tams and canes, though.

The main problem I find on public servers is not as much the griefing, but the resets. People will reset the public server before you manage to do anything meaningful, making the whole experience sort of pointless.

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