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A Personal Warly Homebrew Idea

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Disclaimer: I am not considering the actual balance of this idea, this is just how I would like to play Warly. Just posting it for posterity and because I'm curious what any one else might have to say about it.

TBB = to be balanced


The basic idea: To make feeding Warly even harder & to increase the rewards for doing so. By making him harder to feed, your game play will be even more focused on gathering ingredients - therefore, I want those rewards to mitigate the regular challenges of the game. (insulation, sanity, combat, travel) Also, with being a challenge character, his player will presumably be familiar enough with the game to find those regular challenges more like tedium at this point.

Sidenote: One could argue chili salad/asparagazpacho, spices & the grim galette already give buffs to insulation, sanity and combat - but IMO they're not enough. The insulation dishes last only a little over half of a day. They require you to build farms - if you wanted enough to be insulated the whole season, you'd need about *25* of each ingredient - each takes 2 crops, so that's 50 specific crops - when duplicating crops, you don't even always get more seeds when feeding it to a bird, so multiply that number quite a bit as well. Considering how easy it is to make winter hats and thermal stones, that's a really bad deal. They're a little nice for convenience in a late game world, but that's about it. And as for spices - they're nice, but again it takes a lot of prep work to get a supply of them. They also hardly make up for Warly being unable to spam healing food or sleep in a tent without worrying about what to feed himself afterwards.


Cravings & Reward Tiers - (yep, throwback to the gorge)

Each tier grants new levels of benefits. To get to the next tier, you must fulfill x(TBB) number of cravings. Warly will announce his craving. You can examine yourself to make him repeat it? If you fail to meet a craving, you lose a lot of sanity (maybe 50? TBB) and drop a tier.


Tier 4:

No benefits yet.

At this stage, cravings are only by category - meat, fish, vegetable or dessert. You get 3 days to fulfill it.


Tier 3:

Small elemental resistance, equal to a straw hat/small beard/whirly fan. Mildly healthy - either a boost to max hp (50?) or a little defense (like, half the effect of having eaten garlic spice? TBB)

Cravings will now start to be specific dishes. This tier will be ones fairly easy to get the ingredients for. No dairy, crop specific, barnacle or leafy meat dishes. 3-2(TBB) days to fulfill it.


Tier 2:

Moderate elemental resistance - enough insulation to last about 3/4 of the day & an the equivalent of an umbrella or slightly better. TBB Very healthy - more defense (equal to full garlic?) or HP, attack boost (equal to full or half pepper spice?), and a cane's worth of speed boost.

Will crave a lot of crop specific & seafood dishes. 2 days to fulfill it.



Tier 1:

Elemental immunity. Super healthy - even more defense/HP and attack boost. (So - giant rolls around? Great, your buffs basically make it like you're geared up with armor without having to prep them - just beat the giant down and get back to cooking.) Probably same speed as before.

Craving-wise - everything is fair game except for mandrake soup, flower salad & volt goat chaud-froid. 1 day to fulfill it, possibly decrease that amount of time by 0.025 day with a cap of 0.5 day. (so within 20 cravings - a max of 15.25 days - you get half a day to fulfill it.)


Also to address Warly's healing issues, I would either make fulfilling cravings give him a set HP & sanity boost, or greatly increase the benefits he receives from food.

I've never liked the scarcity of dairy - so I would maybe increase Warly's chances of getting a butter drop, or let him craft a ton of butterfly wings into butter, or pair this with beefalo/volt goat milking.

Now - crops might still pose a very annoying issue (especially for a winter start), so here's an idea for that:



Bunny King

Trade carrots for random identified seed(s) - ((yes, this is like the mermking. But I can't play Wurt and Warly at the same time. : P ))

Trade vegetarian dishes for crops!

Butter muffin = potato, Jam = watermelon, Trail mix = tomato, Taffy = pumpkin, Ratatouille = eggplant,

Potato souffle = Pepper, Vegetable stinger = dragon fruit, Spiraled tubers = garlic, Stuffed eggplant = asparagus

(Pumpkin cookie = durian, Fruit medley = corn, Melonsicle = Pomegranate maybe)

^you see how this gives me an excuse to cook even more? >3


I don't think his regular hunger or repeat dish cooldown need to be changed, TBB.

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