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Walter Rework Ideas

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I feel like they've spread his abilities too thin instead of focused on his core abilities: that being his ranged DMG, unusual sanity gain/loss, & Woby.

Woby is fine & his unusual sanity gain/loss makes him interesting, but his slingshot - a thing many would consider to be one of his primary abilities - has too low of fire rate.

Klei should get rid of some of Walter's trivial abilities like 50% hunger-sleep efficiency, +100% cook speed, +6 sanity/min in forest, and even the Camper's Tent in place of primary 'abilities'. In priority of ranged attack, Walter can have -25% melee DMG similar to Wendy, who is aided by her sister to compensate for lost DMG.

When marbles, his most damaging ammo, does as much damage per second as Wes with a spear, that's when something might be amiss.

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