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New Item Idea "Odor supressor"

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How many times u were about to go collect something but hounds got in your way? or moose-goose started following you? yeah we all hate that.

Wigfrid says "if only i could use it as camouflage from predators" when observing manure. This item is a nice idea for early-mid-late game item, which can be used to continue what you are doing, or just use as a get out of jail free card in sticky situations.

Odor Supressor.
Requires a Prehistitor(i hope i wrote it right) to be crafted.
20 Manure
2 Electric Doodad
5 Pig Skin
1 Red and Blue Gem(i will explain why i dont want a purple gem below)

Each use decreases the sanity of player by %50(cannot be lower than 50 sanity loss) I thought of sanity loss aura but those stuff is very easy to counter with pigmen aura etc. 
Every use decreases the durability of item by %10. Item can be refilled with any fertilizer type items back
1x Manure recovers %5 durability.
1x Rot recovers %2 durability
1x rotten egg recovers %10 durability (a fair tradeoff for the gunpowder item imo)

This item allows you to cancel any incoming raid from deerclops-bearger etc. or hounds when used. IF the raid started, this item wont have any effect on those raider mobs. This item has a 5 minute In game duration. During this time, person can walk through beefalos and mermen without getting targeted. Getting wet decreases the duration by half since you know, you get wet and the manure washes off. This item will also let you walk through dragonfly and moose-goose without getting targeted. However this item wont work on bee queen since you are the one waking it up. 

Werepigs will also not target you when you use this item since they will think you are one of them.
Bunnymen will auto target you get close to them while affected by this item
Spelumonkeys will not throw stool at you or try to steal your items while affected by this item, instead they will just follow you and attack anyone that attacks you.
Shadow spelumonkeys will not be affected by this item and chase you to death.

I want a red and blue gem since purple gem is very easy to get for experienced DST players (go to the chess pieces, let rook steamroll others and collect) while red and blue gem is more of an rng or waiting hound raids. Otherwise it will take like 5-6 days to get core items needed to craft this item and make the first winter-spring EXTREMELLY easy

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I'm not sure whether or not I like the basic concept of this item, but I will make a suggestion for a recipe change: Replace the two different gems with a ruins gem or the Iridescent Gem. I seem to recall from using mods that four-item recipes break the crafting menu interface, so a single rarer gem that can't be obtained by killing one (1) Clockwork Bishop works better for that, and it further reinforces that this is not an early-game recipe if you have to plunder the ruins/defeat the Dragonfly/plunder the ruins and obtain then destroy a Moon Caller's Staff in order to get one of the components. A yellow gem would probably be the best choice out of the three ruins gems, because I don't think they have any uses right now other than the two Ancient Tab recipes that have been there since before Reign of Giants, but the Iridescent Gem has no uses at all right now except for bedazzling the Crab King.

Further suggestion: Wormwood doesn't get the sanity loss for the same reason that digging in a dung pile in Hamlet raises his sanity instead of lowering it.

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