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Make Ceviche require 1.0 Fish again!

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Sorry for posting this again and again in different threads but the cookbook made me realize how worthless of a dish Ceviche is. Why in the ten constants does this mediocre health dish with mediocre cooling effect require 2 whole Fish in DST now? It makes no sense. After placing 2 fish in the crock pot, put in just a morsel and you'll get Surf n Turf, a dish that is multitudes better. You can make 2 Fishstick with two fish. Even 2 fish tacos is preferable if you encountered some popperfish. Even in the caves Seafood Gumbo is a much better alternative.

Things weren't always like this. When it was first introduced in Warly update, you could make it with two freshwaterfish from the oasis, which provided this some niche usage in summer to cool off. But with the new fish values introduced in Hook, Line and Inker it can't be made without big ocean fish or eels. 

Requiring 2 fish really is against the philosophy of this dish. For its low stats of 20 healing, and 25 Hunger, 1.0 was more than enough already. Even 0.5 would great since fish and sticks surpasses it by a mile with only one fragment of any fish.It should ideally be a sidegrade to fishsticks, having higher priority than it, requiring 0.5 fish and 1 ice, resulting when ice is used in the crock pot as filler. Another useless dish, Fish Tacos, shines like Thulecite when compared to the current state of ceviche, as you're sacrificing only one fish sticks to make it as a novelty. If anything, Ceviche should be like Kabobs of summer, not some unobtainable dish with ridiculus amound of fish.

Missing out on 2-3 fishsticks, a Surf-n-Turf and being impossible to make without seafaring/spelunking despite its intended usefulness in summer makes this dish the absolute worst dish in the entirety of cookbook in my opinion. And all that is needed to fix it is to decrease the fiah value it requires because Shipwrecked and DST are very different games with very different dynamics. Any lowering of fish value eould be good in my opinion:


1.5 fish + ice = still very expensive with harsh opportunity cost but at least makeable in surface with 3 freshwater fish.

1.0 fish + ice = how it functioned when first introduced in the Warly update, its original intended fish value. When small fish in DST were given the value of 0.5 fish, keeping ceviche with its Shipwrecked recipe of 2.0 was an oversight that needs to be fixed.

0.5 fish +ice = ideal buff the dish needs to be relevant as it would make it worth it.


As you can see I'm not requesting a buff to an underpowered recipe, that'd be wanting it to require 0.5 fish. I'm simply requesting an oversight that happened when fish values were changed that caused it to be mostly unobtainable and ridiculously unworthy to make.  Any change to its rewuired fish value would be good but please Klei, fix this dish from its irrelevancy and at least give it the recipe it wss intended to have.

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