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Celestial/Shadow Crockpot

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I am making a mod that expands on crockpot recipes, and I was wondering if you could make certain dishes only available at certain times. For e.g. At full moon, you can make a "Moon Pie", and on a new moon, you can make a "Shadow Pie". How would I go about doing this. 


P.s. It would be cool to have a indication that you can make these recipes, like the Chester moon beam, but on a crockpot. 

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I unfortunately do not have any examples.

I know you can use AddCookerRecipe to add recipes, but removing it is probably more complicated as there is no function to do so, and thanks to the introduction of the cookbook.

You can check TheWorld.state.isfullmoon and TheWorld.state.isnewmoon for your Moon and Shadow Pie.

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I did some research and I don’t think you can add and remove recipes on the fly. Could you create another crockpot that looks the same and just replace the original one with the new one, and add the recipes to the new crockpot?

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