Allow Rook to get boss energy grafts

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In the campaign, brawl, anywhere.

The old man needs his (energy) juice. All these 2 and above cost cards, both combat and negotiation ones, put an enormous amount of stress on our mustachioed hero. He has to face off against monstrosities that target not only his body and mind but cards and even guns! Sal never had to contend with some mooks breaking her pokers and she gets all the energy there is! Outrageous!

Gun Smoke and Char simply do not make up for the lack of energy per turn. Being on 3 energy hampers variety, too: there's simply no reason to pick cards that eat your entire turn.

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1 minute ago, pacovf said:

People have been asking for energy grafts for Rook since the beginning. It seems like a conscious design decision to deprive him of energy grafts. *shrug*

See, I figured as much but, if he's not allowed energy he's gotta have some kinda worthwhile substitute. Extra graft slots don't make up for the lack of actions per turn; the opportunity to tweak weapon chambers comes up only once and only in the campaign. Just cause his campaign's a day short compared to Sal's doesn't mean he's gotta suffer across the board now.

It's annoying, irritating, and frustrating. Just like his combat parasite.

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I don’t have a lot of experience with Brawl, maybe it’s really an issue there? I could see the argument for removing parasites and adding boss grafts in his Brawl.

 I can’t say Rook has any issue with his campaign. It’s not just the extra graft slots, it’s the constant access to a graft shop (with stock renewed twice a day!), generally better grafts, the free defense from charge, much easier access to AoE, native pseudo-power in overcharge/concentration... Sal is a liiiitle bit easier overall, but not by much.

It’s true that the lack of energy grafts makes cards that cost 2 actions a much harder sell for him than for Sal. That bit is unfortunate.

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