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Napsack should yield more when crafted.

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The Napsack item, an item whose blueprint is dropped from Misery Toadstool, puts mobs to sleep, however the panflute has more uses ( 10 uses, 45 if deconstructed)

The Napsacks however yield only 4 and 19 when deconstructed and crafted again.

I believe the Napsack recipe should yield more napsacks ( 8 or 9) so that it can get on par with the panflute.

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good idea. napsack is just a trash panflute rn. They should make the opponent sleep and also apply something like 50% damage vulnerability for 30 seconds (basically having effective health halved) since you have to defeat the secret boss in the game to get it. Also buff shroom hats pls they suck.

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