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Hey grifters,

This hotifx addresses some issues that came up with yesterday's release. Thank you to everyone who helped us track down and fix these issues.

  • Fix string describing custom runs: Custom runs still earn XP and perks, but no prestige.
  • Fixed bug where tough constitution was used up by simply viewing the drink convo option
  • Showing an icon on upgrade-ready grafts in the main overlay. Also enabling hotkeys on the main overlay again.
  • Added portrait file for lumicyte.
  • Fixed description of Soothing Slug Smash.
  • Visionary Three Fingers now triggers the Hated effect if added directly (without upgrading from the base graft).
  • Showing the choose-cards popup again on any click while it's hidden.
  • Fix bug with custom runs being turned on when no mutators are selected.
  • When you check for toggled off card packs, only consider ones that are actually unlocked.
  • Fix problem saving files with wide characters in the path.
  • Updated Chinese translation.

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