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Echo chambers

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I've been noticing that the forums have become an echo chamber of ideas, everyone here except a few people are people who have been playing for years, or already know everything, and if klei wants real feedback we should be open to new ideas, such as instead of making the game more intricate and expansive, we should talk about having the game more open to new people rather than catering to pro players. 


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why no both?

a lot of feedback from this kind of players have improve the game for beguinners too, like how friendly is wendy and willow now, reduced cost of recipes, reduce power of certain mobs, etc

also, imo, getting new players is important to the bussiness but make old players (that will buy more skins and characters) keep interesting in the game gives money too

and i dont think any mental healthy veteran wants the game harder since day 1, more like a progression so old worlds dont become repetitive and so chill that can make people drop the game

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