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Hey grifters,

Just a couple of 11th hour fixes for the build - included one that stops Rook from dwindling away to his parasites that was caused by some seemingly innocuous code cleanup, and some crashes caused by typos.

Ask me sometime when this is all over about the logistics of large-scale software projects written in dynamically typed scripting languages. I HAVE OPINIONS. :)


  • UI pass on the Grifts screen in the compendium. The various stages of each grift are now grouped in one widget, with a shared progress bar
  • Adding a button on the Perks Screen to show the Grifts Screen. Adding deep linking to the Compendium
  • Adding a tooltip on the Grifts compendium, so one can see the rewards for each stage
  • The Grifts compendium is now usable with gamepad


  • Fixed bug where rook's health would go down every time a parasite upgraded.
  • clean up the shel encounter's option icons
  • fixed a couple of crashes

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28 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Ask me sometime when this is all over about the logistics of large-scale software projects written in dynamically typed scripting languages. I HAVE OPINIONS. :)


can i ask it now? actually, I might already know the answer, but I would like to hear your thought anyway.

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I actually really like Lua, despite its eccentricities. The last three games that I've worked on have all been primarily written in Lua, and it gives us a lot of flexibility and freedom to try out a lot gameplay really quickly with very few hands typing out the code.

It does get hard to keep the whole contraption running smoothly as a project matures, though. Refactoring internal APIs, in particular, can be nerve-wracking. We had some good smoke tests set up for the game when we were working out of an office, but we haven't set them up since we all went remote. I'd love to be able to find more errors without actually running the code, you know?

I wouldn't want to go back to implementing gameplay stuff in C/C++ like in the old days, but I am curious about adding slightly more structure in future projects. I've done a bit of typescript exploration, and that was interesting, although I don't know how performant small non-jitting embeddable js engines are. Something like C# might work, although porting the backend can be daunting/impossible for a small team when going to say, consoles or mobile.

We have to think of our project lifetimes in terms of almost decades (Don't Starve came out in 2012!), so we have to think about the long-term viability of any third-party dependency we take on. I'm pretty sure Lua will be around in 10 years, and even if no new projects came out, it's a small codebase with no external deps and it's written in C. There are advantages to sticking with what you know.



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2 hours ago, Kevin said:





  • 用户界面在摘要中的“ Grifts”屏幕上传递。现在,每个grift的各个阶段都归为一个小部件,并带有共享的进度条
  • 在“特权”屏幕上添加按钮以显示“烦恼”屏幕。将深层链接添加到《纲要》
  • 在Grifts纲要上添加了一个工具提示,因此您可以看到每个阶段的收益
  • Grifts纲要现在可以在游戏手柄上使用


  • 修复了每次寄生虫升级后菜鸟的健康都会下降的错误。
  • 清理shel遇到的选项图标
  • 修复了几次崩溃




After the update, there is still a BUG. The parasite card changed to deduct blood at night. Although this happened only one night, Luke with only 8 drops of health is still too uncomfortable.

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