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How to share a prefab with client (inventory component)?

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In my prefab i have a onPickup function 

if owner.components ~= nil and owner.components.inventory ~= nil then

The SetCasket function is added to the inventory component, the replica and the classified. but how can i trigger a change (on pickup) to the client? This will work fine for the host but the client didn't get this information.

This function from the inventory should somehow update the inventory_replica, too

local function SetCasket(self, casket)
	self.casket = casket	

Any ideas would be great, thanks!

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I think net_entity should work for you. Just listen for whenever it is set, but I don't think the instance will be valid unless the client has an active instance of it as well. I'm guessing that shouldn't be a problem for your case though.

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