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  1. Hello, your bugfix from did quiet nothing. I can still not map any custom keyboard keys (eg. for mod use, or shortcuts like "F" for force attack, "1" to shortcut use the first inventory item etc.). I want to use the configuration shown in the image, but the new mapped keys trigger+bumper have no functions ingame. And i dont understand why you keep your ingame mapping if the steam layout is so much better. how is the game order to check what layout is taken for the game? Please enable keyboard keys for steamdeck like it is possible to use them when playing with controller.
  2. Oh thanks! An modifying this layout will overwrite the in-game settings?
  3. I do not want to map function to key (open map = R4), I want to map the keys to some function (R4 = M). Or how would you suggest to use mod button F1 with Steam Deck, or shortcut 1 to use fist slot of inventory? Also, steam controller layout allows more configuration for the keys (short press, long press).
  4. I am not able to use my configured steam Deck Controller Layout. This is important to map mod keys (F1, F2, L etc) to some buttons. I am totally stuck from playing this game on the deck.
  5. When I pause dst from time to time the game crashes because it runs into assert(not TheNet:IsServerPaused(), "Update() called on paused server!") This is from the main Update() function. I wonder what mod cause this update while the game is paused but I have no idea how to find out. There are no explicit calls of "Update()". Can anyone help me out?
  6. Hi, in the German Translation there are several strings not formatted correct so the condition is printed out instead of the string. Also, some cards are tranlslated incorrect. Eg. the boosted card "Rationale" where he gets "3 Composure and Rig 1" was translated to "3 Composure and Rig 3". Please fix this issues it is hard to play when the description is not proper.
  7. i thought i always need the component check in a prefab postint to skip the clients, like the default prefab would do with if not TheWorld.ismastersim then return inst end
  8. as decduck3 said, you need to extend the file instead of overwriting it completely. i dont know what you changed in that file but you can attach it with AddComponentPostInit("hunter", function() ... end)
  9. you can watch the world state in your prefab like AddPrefabPostInit("guts", function tryspawnthing (inst) if TheWorld ~= nil then -- not sure if you need this check inst:WatchWorldState("isnight", function() if inst.components ~= nil then -- this check my be enough inst:AddComponent("childspawner") inst.components.childspawner:SetRegenPeriod(5) ... end end) end end and then add a watch for day to remove the component again
  10. thanks! i found my problem: i added some of these turfs before as a normal recipe so they are "learned"
  11. hello, i added a few custom recipes to the turf crafting tab like this: AddRecipe("turf_archive", {Ingredient("goldnugget", 1), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 1)}, RECIPETABS.TURFCRAFTING, TECH.TURFCRAFTING_ONE, nil, nil, true) (the globals are set before) when i then start the game the furfcrafing tab is always visible. i can open it and select a turf but when i craft it nothing happens. near the turn station it works correctly. how do i get the crafing tab be hidden as before even if I add custom recipes?
  12. When you take a look at the function you call with addrecipe it hat the following param function(self, name, ingredients, tab, level, placer_or_more_data, min_spacing, nounlock, numtogive, builder_tag, atlas, image, testfn, product, build_mode, build_distance). the placer-or-more-data is resolved this way: if type(placer_or_more_data) == "table" then placer = placer_or_more_data.placer more_data = placer_or_more_data else placer = placer_or_more_data end so you need to add your placer options in the additional options too, like {no_deconstruction = true, placer = XXX}
  13. I know the bug was fixed, but i started a new world yesterday and notice the bug is there again If i want to place gates (with controller) it is not matching correctly with the wall. if i want to place 2 gates together they do not connect.