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Looking for Wickerbottom Guest of Honor

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SnowdropPax    141

So, my mom plays with me and is a Wicker main, she has almost all of Wickers skins except her guest of honor and I want to surprise her buy giving it to her. I will trade it for any (or multiple) of the following

-Macabre Birdcage

-Nona Gecko head and full skin set

-Floppy Straw Hat

-Sweater Vest

-Festive Stocking Cap

-Survivalist Campfire

-Bowler Hat


-Anything else you want from my Steam Inventory

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Wardin25    313

I dont have that skin, but its worth like 50 bucks, I dont think all of your tradeables together can add up to that, and a couple of the things you offered arent tradeable

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