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Problem building a .scml animation

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I'm working on my first mod, with the help of my sis for images. While I'm figuring out the logic, I wanted to use a placeholder sprite and animation. I can't build the .scml file into a zipped file, though. Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to do it? I've tried putting the project file into exported/grapes, and it didn't export.

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Have you tried already to check if the compiler is enabled? Go to your installation dir (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether) and open the client.ini. set the "autocompiler_enabled" to "true", save and start the game again.

And try to put all your scml project files directly into the "\exported" folder, without any subfolder like inventory etc (donno if it is nessesary).

if you still have problems you can attach the files and we can compile it for you - but of cause this will not help you in the future.


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Thanks for answering!

The compiler is enabled and the mod, manually updated.

I wanted to go through the whole process to see if I'm doing something wrong: I created a .scml file, along with the mod files, and put it all on a folder that got uploaded through Don't Starve Mod Tools. Then I opened the game, and it opened a .scml decompiler, only to not produce a .zip build inside anim inside my Steam directory. Could this be caused by a programming mistake?

Thanks for offering to build the file for me, but by the way, I will try it soon with a zipped file from an example mod to replace my placeholder animation, and will report when done. It's not 100% essential for the mod workflow, but it served as a test to see if I could build the idle animations I seem to require.

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