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Seafood Dinner

A concept of an Ocean-based Character

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It's highly unlikely that Klei will be making new characters anytime soon, but I'll leave my idea here anyway.

Whitetooth: The Ravenous


200 hp

175 hunger

125 sanity

Favorite food: Raw fish



- He can swim in the sea and can collect, fight, mine and etc.

- Does not lose sanity from being wet or having wet items equipped (Wetness will still affect temperature)

- Has a strong grip like Wurt

- Attack speed gradually increases while striking enemies

- Rockjaws are neutral


- Pigmen, bunnymen, catcoons and gnarwails will be hostile

- Can only eat meat

- 33% higher hunger rate

- Cannot Sleep

- Loses temperature faster than others and takes extra damage from freezing

- Greatly reduced attack speed while hungry

Skin Ideas:

The Abyssal


The Verdant


The Fossilized


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um... if you are on a boat almost every one of his cons are negligible. aside from getting cold(something that isn't an issue after the first summer) and starving(let me come back to that)none of that junk matters. you wont see any pigmen, bunnymen or catcoons, you can avoid gnarwails. the speed increase negates the decrease(unless you hobble him then he'd be a never-use character like winona and her speed decrease), eating meat is a 'duh' since most of the food on the ocean is meat(at best it would mess up his sanity in the very earliest of early game), the lack of sleep is again something that is only viable super early game since as soon as a drying rack can be made he's set. if i am correct rockjaws are a large portion of the danger sailing so that would make sailing and fishing a lot easier for him than any terrestrial activities


the big caveat is the hunger thing though. the way you've set this character up he is guaranteed to die unless world-gen rng shines down and grants amazing boons. after the first 10-15 days the hunger thing won't be an issue and will just mean you need one extra meatballs a day but for the first in-game week you are looking at a character that is unable to eat any of the early-game health/sanity items, requires either morsels or meats to not starve and gets what, a day, day and a half before he has gone from full-belly to starved-to-death? that is obscenely cheap and bad if you are solo and an actual burden to other players unless you have ramped meat-giving mobs all the way up and krampus all the way off >x>;; like, i enjoy wes and play him often but he only has a 25% increase and he is often given grief for needing too much food(and he doesn't even have a restriction on what he can eat outside of monster foods) and can be a challange to people who have hunger-management issues(or laggy computers that cannot take a lot of mob generation)

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Really cool drawing but changing basic things wouldn't make him a different character. He must have a different mechanic. Maybe he should have dry'metter and when he became dry he should lost health. Also he should craft have lilypadlike plants then he should able to crafting stations on those plants (Like plants vs zombies). Bla bla

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